Acting for Charities

If you are instructed to act for a charity, you need to be alert to compliance and risk assessment issues. Charities take a various number of forms in the UK – small; registered; unregistered; excepted such as churches or exempt such as museums and universities. For registered charities, make sure to take a record of […]

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Referral Fees – Yay or Nay?

The firm I currently work for makes no bones about dishing out referral fees to individuals and companies who agree to introduce potential clients to us under a formal Referral Agreement for an agreed fee. I have, however, heard arguments both for and against this type of arrangement. YAY The way my firm sees it, […]

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Storytime #3

This beautiful bouquet and box of Krispy Kreme goodness were given to me and my team by a lovely  Buyer couple. The gentleman was selling a flat in his sole name and the couple intended to purchase together. While the purchase was a relatively straightforward  freehold house, the sale had been a nightmare! The freeholder was […]

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