Storytime #4

This gorgeous multi-hued bouquet was given to me by a repeat client.

She had previously purchased a buy-to-let flat  and employed my services again in relation to the sale of her £1.1 million pound house in Brixton.

I didn’t even know she owned high value property when she first used me which goes to show that you can never judge a book by its cover and every client regardless of the value of their property, is worth the same level of one- to – one service and respect.

This client was  particularly pleased when we completed on her sale, as although the Buyer was a cash buyer and our client was promised a very quick completion, the Buyer’s solicitor starting raising all manner of awkward enquiries including a request for evidence that the property’s council tax band would not change following completion of the sale!

Following many a back and forth between the client and relevant third parties, and importantly, following my narrowing down of relevant enquiries, we managed to finally satisfy the Buyer’s solicitors requests and seal the deal!  It is not every enquiry raised that you need to answer particularly if it does not accord with the Law Society Protocol and both Solicitor Firms are members of the CQS.

Til next time





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