Sham Licences?

A letting agent was recently prosecuted for giving tenants “sham licences”. It is believed that, for the first time in the United Kingdom, a letting agency has been successfully prosecuted under consumer protection law for granting “sham licences” to tenants. The tenants in this instance were told that they each had a licence, rather than […]

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The Leasehold Scandal

The government has recently proposed a ban on selling new build houses on a leasehold basis, in addition to cutting ground rent to zero. The ban follows widespread media coverage on pervading onerous terms in residential leases, resulting in doubling ground rent every decade and freehold costs rocketing when purchased by third party investors. Such leases […]

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Storytime #4

This gorgeous multi-hued bouquet was given to me by a repeat client. She had previously purchased a buy-to-let flat  and employed my services again in relation to the sale of her £1.1 million pound house in Brixton. I didn’t even know she owned high value property when she first used me which goes to show […]

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Help To Buy ISAs

Those looking to buy their first home can now save money into a Help to Buy ISA to assist with saving towards their purchase. The Government has committed to boosting ISA savings by 25% up to a maximum bonus of £3,000. The bonus cannot be used as part of the deposit but must form part […]

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Chancel Repair Indemnity

Chancel Repair is often and easily overlooked or misunderstood. If your client has bought a property for consideration and registration has been completed by the Land Registry without or before the Parochial Church Council registering their interest on the Official Copy of the Register, the risk of chancel repair liability no longer arises. Any property, […]

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Clean Break Allowances

When acting for Buyers and dealing with the possibility of excess service charges for leasehold properties, you may wish to agree a  reasonable clean break allowance in favour of the Buyer, in lieu of a retention (having taken client’s instructions first, of course). A suggested clean break allowance clause for insertion into a contract is […]

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